Pilot Operated Pneumatic Check Valves

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Aladco® is a leading manufacturer of pilot operated pneumatic check valves with both manual and pilot release capabilities

Aladco® has a proven commitment of manufacturing pilot operated pneumatic check valves that are built to last. Our valves are specifically designed to maximize reliability and safety. We continuously strive to understand and fulfill our customers’ technical needs. With that in mind, Aladco® incorporates varying design and function in each pneumatic check valve to meet a variety of application needs.

**U.S.. List Prices for Nu-Check®, Clean-Check®, Equa-Check®, and Dual-Check® can be obtained from each Product’s Part Configurator.

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Aladco® pilot operated pneumatic check valves are only sold through authorized distributors, both nationally and internationally.  Aladco® has formed close partnerships with reliable, professional distributors who can assist with application and verify that all Aladco® orders are delivered on-time, correctly, and with care.  To ensure you receive the correct valves, please use the product model ordering information located on each pneumatic check valve page.

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Aladco® manufactures grippers, clamps, and shim block assemblies on a per-order basis. If you are interested in purchasing any of our other products, please contact Aladco® at 262-544-5994.

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