Engineering for Engineers

In today’s competitive manufacturing marketplace, design, innovation, and proven performance are crucial. As a leader in custom design and engineering products, Aladco® offers a family of patented pneumatic check valves designed specifically to assist automation engineers.

In 1986, Aladco® was established by Aladdin Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc. as a research and development work site. Aladco® started with a Roller-Cam Clamp™ containing a manual override checking cartridge in the actuator which later became the Nu-Check Valve. Continued growth of the pneumatic check valve line has produced Grip Clamps®, customized bakery clamps, and shim block assemblies for accurate locating. Today, Aladco® is a cutting-edge force in pneumatic check valves throughout the world.

Since its inception, the company has designed, produced, and patented a full range of products, including custom solutions to fit special customer applications.

Quality Manufacturing Solutions

Aladco® has built a reputation for precision-designed and quality-constructed pneumatic valves and other products. We provide superior products and services based on proven processes and the latest engineering technology.

Our engineers design for ease of use, adhering to the strictest quality guidelines set by the industry. Innovative design and repeatable results make for reliable and trustworthy manufacturing solutions.

Aladco® delivers quality products that really work.

101 uses for Aladco® Valves

The Aladco® Promise

At Aladco®, we continually develop new products and perfect existing product lines. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and are dedicated to providing quality design and innovative engineering in everything we do.

If you are looking for the best in pneumatic check valves or you would like to purchase our reliable Other Products, contact us for more information.

We are ready to help ensure your success.