Single Check Pneumatic Check Valves

Aladco single check vales traps air in one-side of cylinder or actuator with the pilot operation able to relieve the pressure of the cylinder or actuator, which can also be accomplished by our patented manual override button.

Nu-Check® 3-Series

The Nu-Check® valve, designed specifically for pneumatics, is a patented Aladco® product. It was the first check valve on the market with both manual and pilot release capabilities. The unique bubble-tight seal keeps devices in “checked” position.

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Clean-Check® 5-Series

The Clean-Check® valve, designed specifically for pneumatics is a patented Aladco® product. It is a normally closed check valve that can be overridden manually or by air piloting to allow two-way flow.

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Equa-Check® 4-Series

The Equa-Check® valve, designed specifically for pneumatics, is a patented Aladco® product. It has a normally engaged air pilot which creates an internal pressure balance between the IN pressure and the PILOT pressure, which makes it ideal for balancing and tensioning applications.

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Aladco® pneumatic check valves are only sold through authorized distributors, both nationally and internationally.  Aladco® has formed close partnerships with reliable, professional distributors who can assist with application and verify that all Aladco® orders are delivered on-time, correctly, and with care.  To ensure you receive the correct valves, please use the product model ordering information located on each pneumatic check valve page.

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Aladco® manufactures grippers, clamps, and shim block assemblies on a per-order basis. If you are interested in purchasing any of our other products, please contact Aladco® at 262-544-5994.

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