Double Check Valves

Aladco® double check valves use two check valves in the same body. Double check valves trap air in both sides of a cylinder or actuator and the pilot operation automatically pilots the opposite check allowing the cylinder to move. Our patented manual override relieves the air on both sides of the cylinder or actuator. One manual override button creates a better-controlled and safer release of air because it relieves air from both sides of the cylinder simultaneously.

Product Overview

The Dual-Check® valve, designed specifically for pneumatics, is a patented Aladco® product.  It is the only parallel check valve that can be manually overridden with an internally plumbed air pilot or a single override button that releases both sides at once.

A typical use of a Dual-Check® valve involves combining it with a direction control valve to control air flow from both ports of a double acting cylinder. With an appropriate combination of direction control valves and other pneumatic components, a cylinder position control system using a Dual-Check® can handle both normal position control and standby or safety stop conditions. A combined valve system can have excellent fail-safe and assured control properties.

Applications can involve work holding, clamping and positioning, and moving parts or equipment components in a wide variety of manually operated and automated machinery. Specific circuit design and switching valve selection are application-dependent. Your Aladco® distributor or Aladco® can be contacted to provide assistance with answering application questions.

Dual-Check Group


  • Superior, self-cleaning ball seal provides long product life
  • Exceeds ANSI Class VI Leak Standard (bubble tight)
  • Body is made of high strength, lightweight, anodized 6061 aluminum alloy
  • Variety of porting options
  • Designed for use with lubricated or non-lubricated air systems
  • Tamper resistant with no required maintenance
  • Prevents load drift and provides rapid stopping of load
  • Ability to provide multiple position control
  • Patented and Made in Waukesha, Wisconsin USA
  • Standard 3-year warranty
Dual-Check Circuit Diagram 01
Dual-Check Circuit Diagram 02

Dual-Check® Pneumatic Check Valve Dimensions

Dual-Check Dimensions Schematic
Additional Notes:
  • Standard seal is Buna-N (30° to 250°F temperature range); Viton® (-15° to 400°F temperature range) is also an available option
  • MTTF is over 100 million cycles for Buna-N seals and over 40 million cycles for Viton® seals
  • NPTF Ports conform to ASME B1.20.1-2013 Pipe Threads, General Purpose (Inch)
  • BSPP (G) and M5 Ports conform to ISO 16030:2003:  Pneumatic fluid power – Connections – Ports and stud ends
  • Operating pressure is 15 to 150 psi
  • Operating temperature 30° to 150°F
  • Stainless steel is no longer an available option for Dual-Check® configurations – please see our line of Clean-Check® pneumatic valves for stainless steel valve options
  • Technical details subject to change without notice

Model Ordering Information

Product Configurator

The displayed list price is for individual quantities of 1-24. Contact your Aladco® Distributor or Aladco® for volume pricing of 25 or more valves.



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Additional information

Model Type

60 : Dual-Check – Extended Override Button, 61 : Dual-Check – Flush Override Button, 62 : Dual-Check – No Manual Override

Inlet-Outlet Port Size

32 : 10-32 UNF Thread, 32 : M5 ISO Metric Thread, 12 : 1/8" Thread, 25 : 1/4" Thread, 38 : 3/8" Thread, 50 : 1/2" Thread, 75 : 3/4" Thread

Seal Type

01 : Buna-N Seals (Temp. Range: 30° to 150° F), 02 : Viton Seals (Temp. Range: -15° to 400° F)

Thread Type

[blank] : NPTF Threaded Ports, [blank] : UNF Threaded Ports, BSPP : G BSPP Threaded Ports, M5 : ISO Metric Threaded Ports